Wild Things I think I love you

In the June Sew Box I got the Wild Things Hooded Scarf pattern. It was love at first sight.

Hooded Scarf Flutterbys


Luckily just after I got this pattern Lincraft had a sale so I was able to get all the fabric. For each of the 3 of these I have used minky on the outer of the scarf and flannelette on the inside. In the shop I colour matched my fabric choices together so each of them would be a different colour. I’m the craft crazy who stands in a store muttering to themselves.

Hooded Scarf Owls

For my owl loving niece I even found owl fabric. Confession I have never had to pattern match or work with direction before so the first lot of this I cut out half the pieces were the wrong direction. Lucky I always buy extra fabric so I was able to cut them out correctly. I even fussy cut owls for the ears. Proud moment in my sewing career.

Hooded Scarf Fussy Cut

I have never stitched with minky before, my entire house looks like a scene from a muppet horror movie as there are bits of pink fluff everywhere.  I didn’t realise how much it sheds. I’d heard that minky was difficult to work with so I followed the advice given and used a lot of pins which made the difference I think as I didn’t really have any trouble.

Hooded Scarf Toadstools

The pattern comes with an optional tail. So I made 3 tails which can be pinned on with a nappy pin to the child’s waistband.

Hooded Scarf Tails

Why should the kids have all the fun I even made one for me but no I didn’t do a tail. I’ll happily walk the streets with my ears but I fear I may get taken away by people in white coats if I walk the streets with a tail. Mine is done with a polar fleece out on the outer as I couldn’t find suitable minky.

Hooded Scarf Me

So in all 4 I just made the most basic version of this pattern. I did the basic shaped ears, scarf ends and tail. For the first time round and due to having so many to make at once I wanted to keep it simple.  I will be making this pattern. I can’t emphasise how much I this pattern and I will shout it to all who will listen. I can literally make this pattern for every child I know boy or girl. You don’t need to know their clothing size, you select your pattern size on the child’s age. The pattern goes from I think 6 months to adult so you can get a lot made from the one pattern purchase. You can make each one differently just by changing the fabric or ears so in theory you could make a new one for the same child every year but it be different. You could make this as simple or as crazy as you like. If you child or yourself doesn’t like ears then don’t add them in. The possibilities are endless with this pattern.



Gnome Swap Parcel

I was so excited when my Gnome Swap parcel arrived. It was so beautifully wrapped I didn’t want to open it. Who am I kidding of course I wanted to open it I just didn’t want to tear the paper.

Gnome Swap Wrapping

My swap partner made me the most gorgeous mini quilt. I’ve never owned a mini before so I was so excited when I saw it. I love the colours. Blue and green are my favourite.

Gnome Swap Mini Front

The gnome machine embroidered piece is fantastic. I keep looking at it. Thus far I have only done simple letters on my embroidery machine and this mini is making me itch to try out a design.

Gnome Swap Mini Centre

The back looks just as great as the front does. I love the way that it is quilted. Her quilting lines are so neat. I’m a very geometric person so I love the fabric pattern.

Gnome Swap Mini Back

My swap partner also made me a little pouch with a scissor minder which I can attach to my scissors so I know which pair are mine (yes I did throw a tantrum once when I thought some had my scissors only to discover we both had the same pair) I love this little pouch. The tiny pom poms are adorable.

Gnome Swap Pouch

I was spoilt with some extras including flamingo socks! I was in need of new socks so wore them within days. I was also given something I haven’t eaten in years Skittles!! They were so yummy. There were also a couple of gnome statues which I will place in my pot plants, stickers, glittery hand wash and the cutest pair of gnome earrings.

Gnome Swap Parcel

A big thank you to my swap partner. I love my parcel 🙂



Lily Ladybug

Her name is Lily but I’m calling her Loly.

Lily Ladbug

Miss ladybug is another pattern by Funky Friends Factory. To be honest I don’t think Lily is for your beginner toy marker. She is a lot of work but she is worth it. She is very 3 dimensional as her red shell is separated from her blue wings and from her body (I didn’t take a photo of her from behind) so there is a lot of pieces to construct. Pauline has made a tutorial on how to make her and I strongly suggest you look at it and at least print out a good portion of it as some areas are tricky. Even with the tutorial it took me a while to get my head around parts of it. It took me several days to make her as in order to finish it I had to put it down and walk away from it at times.  She came together in the end and is very cute. I couldn’t do my preferred method of stuffing limbs with this one which added to my frustration. Even with tacking the limbs in place I still had to re-do some seams over and over. I also don’t like sewing curves and she is very curvy.

All the fabric for Lily was made from scraps or bits from my stash. The only thing I brought was the black felt. I’m really trying to keep in with Sew My Stash theme this year.

Deep Rose Blanket

Deep Rose Blanket Begins

I started this blanket about 10 days ago but have only just got around now to sharing it. This is another baby blanket that will be given as a new born gift later this year. Again I’m doing it as a larger blanket so that the child can have it as a lap rug later so I started with a chain of 192 stitches. As with all my baby blankets I’m using Bendigo Woollen Mills 100% wool that is machine washable this time in Deep Rose. Its like 50 shades of pink each time I make these trying to decide which pink to pick. I will make the entire blanket the one colour like I have done in previous blankets so I don’t have to keep track of rows or strip widths I just crochet until I don’t have enough yarn to finish a row and join the new ball at the start of a row.

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2015

SCSJun 15 Entrance
Yesterday I went to the big Sydney Craft and Quilt fair that is held every June.

SCSJun 15 Goodies

As always craft fairs equal shopping. I got some items that were on my list including some binding to match a project I’m working on and an extendable magnet to pick up pins from the ground. Each year I buy something that the ladies from the Quilters Guild make to raise funds for their guild, this year I got a couple of thread catches cause you never have to many of them (I just have to remember to use them) I also purchased an adjustable sewing bed extension table but I haven’t had a chance to try that out yet. Just as I was leaving I got some craft books which weren’t on my list but craft books are my weakness. Another new thing I got which I can’t wait to try is little torches that slip over your thumb so when you’re doing hand embroidery your stitch area is illuminated. This year I didn’t do any workshops or listen to any talks. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to even make the event or how long I could stay at it so I didn’t want to commit to anything.

The June craft show in really good to go to as it has all the quilts on display. Unfortunately I couldn’t take photos of them as you need to have the owners permission. Now that I have done a bit more quilting than I had before it was interesting seeing them and trying to work out how they did it. I’m in awe of people who can do any size quilt. I struggle with a mug rug and that is tiny.


SCSJun 15 Emergency

After the show I stayed the night at Star City like I’ve done in previous years. I however didn’t pack any craft for me to do at the hotel. Normally I do a class or something so I have something to work on afterwards. If I go away for a couple of days I automatically pack something. At the show when I realised this I started to get really anxious as I need to do something to keep myself occupied. All I had on me was a pair of embroidery scissors in my wallet. I walked around the different stalls trying to find a project I could start immediately that didn’t involve any prep work and used limited tools. I decided on sashiko. I brought a panel and a skein of thread and the lovely girl gave me a free needle as she could see how desperate I was. Lesson learnt at least throw in a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn into your overnight suitcase. I actually got a lot done on the panel during my stay.

I enjoyed my day at the show. Maybe next year I can do a class or maybe even volunteer at the Knitters Guild display stall.


Moo Owl

Introducing Miss Moo Owl

Moo Owl

Miss Moo Owl is done using the same pattern that I used twice last year to make the doorstop and the owl softie. She is actually for the same child who got the softie last year but is still obsessed with owls. This year I decided to add eyebrows and used some pompom trim that I hand stitched in place. This trim is great for eyebrows so I must invest in more of it. She needed something on her lower body so I created a skirt by sewing on row after row of ric rac with the sewing machine. This year she got a mouth. This toy is made entirely out of fabric scraps and trims from my stash.

Looking at the 2 softie versions of this toy they look completely different. It was a spur of the moment decision to make this owl. I had limited time so I wanted a pattern that I knew and was comfortable with. It is the same basic shape I’ve just embellished it differently. It made me stop and think of how to use the materials I had on hand to create a different look. During the ASG photo challenge I said I wanted to start using trims more well I have on this project. Simple bits of trim has really made the difference.

World Wide Knitting In Public Day June 13 2015

June 13 was World Wide Knitting In Public Day. The Knitters Guild of NSW held an event which I took part of.


We went on a train trip to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains for the afternoon. Around 30-35 knitters jumped on the same train at various stations along the journey. We took over a train carriage and knitted and chatted all the way. It was so much fun. Because the guild isn’t strictly for Knitters I took both my knitting and crochet with me and did a little of both on the trip.


When we got to Katoomba we headed for The Granny Square I’d never been there before it was a gorgeous little shop. The wool they had was so pretty and colourful. To be honest I have so much wool for my current projects and for a few future projects that I couldn’t justify buying any, however I did need double pointed needles (DPN’s). Recently I got a book of toy animals and discovered they were made with DPN’s but I didn’t have any. With my mobile phone I’d taken a photo of the sizes needed so if I came across them I could the get the ones I need. That photo came in handy yesterday as needles were on sale so I was able to pick up the ones needed.

WWKIPD15 Shopping

After our shopping we wandered off in groups to various cafes for lunch and more chatting. Katoomba is a lovely town. Being in the mountains its a cold town but we got a lovely day and it was actually very warm (I didn’t even get to wear my ear muffs!) We all wandered back to the train station where we sat in the sun until our train arrived. They had really long bench seats so all along the platform there was all these knitters sitting 4 to a seat frantically trying finish their segment or row before the train came at the same time chatting “what did you buy” “oh that’s so pretty”


On the train trip back there was more chatting and more knitting. I really enjoyed the day. As I’m only new to the group (this was my 3rd month) it gave me a chance to mingle with other members of the group that I hadn’t talked too. You could start up a conversation with anyone and have a great time.