ASG May Photo A Day Challenge Week 5

I don’t normally do 2 posts in one day but these are the last few days of the Australian Sewing Guild photo challenge. Thank you to the Waverly group for hosting this.

Day 29 – Most referred to sewing book

Day 29

The book or books I keep going back to are the instruction manuals that come with my machines. Most of the time I know what I want to do it is just a matter of finding out how to make the sewing machine do what I want. This book has a reference table of all the stitches on my machine so I can look at quick glance how a stitch will look. On my travelling machine the instruction manual is an essential as I don’t use that machine as much and forget when things are located on it or how to adjust settings.

Day 30 – May projects

Day 30

In May I didn’t get as much completed as I would’ve like too. I’m proud to say I did get the 2 craft swaps projects finished and sent that I needed done by June 1. I got this little softie complete (post coming soon) I got one Christmas gift completed and have drawn up the pattern for another toy.

Day 31 – Future projects

Day 31

My future projects include finishing off the rest of my gifts for this year and starting on Christmas gifts. Also I need to whip up some things for a new born as well. I have plans to get them done so now I just have to do them all.

Over the 31 days I have really enjoyed doing this challenge. I’d never done anything like this before. It made me stop and look at things. There are so many small elements to sewing and in this challenge I got to explore all those small things elements that I have in my stash.




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