Gem Scarf Complete

Gem Scarf Complete

I finished my scarf. I love the colours in this they really do remind me of gem stones. It is nice size, wide enough to sit over your shoulders if you need it to. I’m a fan of wide scarfs they are perfect keep you snug without too much bulk around your neck. I used nearly all of the 3 balls of yarn. I had a small amount of each colour leftover but I don’t think it would’ve been enough to work another 2 rows in it. I’m not sure how you calculate how much yarn you will need for a row. For knitting I follow the rule of measuring the yarn 3 or 4 times across your work to see if you have enough. I read it somewhere and that may be wrong but that’s what I go by.

To wrap it up this scarf was made using Stylecraft Extra Special acrylic yarn. It was done in Trebles (I work in UK terms) Really simple to do, no counting required. I just kept going until I ran out of yarn. A really quick project and a little something for me.

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