My First Buttonhole

Yesterday I stitched my first buttonhole!!

First Buttonhole

Ok I know buttonholes are very basic and the machine does all the work, all you have to do is load the button into the size gauge on the buttonhole foot and press start on the sewing machine.  In my 4 years of sewing I’ve never made anything that needed a buttonhole so I’ve never had to do one. I was working on a project that needed one so I had a practice first on a piece of scrap. I read my sewing machines manual and worked it out. Yep very basic. The only thing I had trouble with was sliding the gauge back to release the button from the foot. There must be some sort of trick to it or my foot is just tight as it had never been used before. It was good to learn a new skill and I was able to complete that step in the project I was working on.

Ironically last weekend I was looking at one part of my machine thinking what is that lever for? Turns out it is the buttonhole foot stop lever. Now I know 🙂


4 thoughts on “My First Buttonhole

  1. I haven’t had to do a buttonhole yet either, but I was thinking recently it might be a cute way to finish off an envelope back cushion cover. I’m inspired by you! Hopefully mine looks as good when I get around to completing it 🙂

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