Free Motion Quilting Class

Last Saturday I did the Let’s Quilt Free Motion class with Deborah Louie. It was a follow on from the class I did with her in March.

This class is more hands on sewing and playing because in the first class you have been taught all the basics of prepping your quilting piece beforehand. Your machine is going from the moment the class starts. To be honest before the class I thought free motion quilting was your hands going busy trying to keep up with an out of control sewing machine as you have no feed dogs to keep it in place your fabric is going everywhere. Somehow you end up with a quilted piece. Deborah teaches you how to control it. It’s a very stop start process. It involves a lot of thought.

FMQ Class Flower

We started off just having a play to get used to working without feed dogs. I have played around and done free motion once before so it wasn’t a total foreign feeling. I did some movements with the machine and even managed to draw a flower.

FMQ Class Tension

In the class we learnt about adjusting the tension for your machine. It is a different tension to what you normally sew at. Looking at the back it took me a couple of attempts to get the tension correct. Also the type of thread you use is important. I was working with one thread but found it to be too fluffy on the top of my machine. When I changed threads I had to re-adjust my tension to fit the new thread. Again it took me a couple of fiddles with the tension disc and but I got it correct.
FMQ Class Back

We learnt how to do various patterns and designs. It is a very mentally stimulating form of stitching at your always thinking. You have to figure out where you want to stitch next. How you want to stitch it. There are so many patterns but what would be best for that area. How do I best fill the area with stitches. Your hand placement is very important to. Your hands are what is controlling the fabric so you need to have them placed so you can move the fabric to the area you want to get to and stitch next. There is a lot of stop, reposition the hands, start again.

FMQ Class Front

The back of quilt looks just as good as the front if your tension is correct. It was great working in the contrasting colours as you could really see your stitches. The class has really changed my thoughts on free motion. It has taken out the fear of the out of control fabric. Before I thought things just happened randomly but it is more planned and thought out than I realised. It is very creative form of stitching.

FMQ Class Expert

This was a spiral Deborah did. I have a sample piece she was working on. When you see how neat it can be it is very inspiring to give it ago. It all comes down to practice. The more you do the better you will get.

The class was fantastic. Deborah is a great teacher. The way she breaks things down and explains them is so easy to follow. In the classes she gives you well written notes so when you get home you can remember what you were taught. These days there are so many ways to learn new skills online with Craftsy and Youtube which is great if that is the only access you have to such things but nothing beats sitting in an actual class with a teacher if you can. The hands on things you learn is worth it.


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