ASG May Photo A Day Challenge Week 3

Week 3 of the ASG photo challenge for May Sewing Month

Day 15 – Biggest wadder

Day 15

I wasn’t overly too familiar with what they meant by biggest wadder so I took a photo of one of the biggest items I’ve made. This polar fleece blanket was one of the first projects I completed. It is doubled sided in a patchwork style.

Day 16 – Oldest Sewing Machine

Day 16

I’ve posted about my little sewing machines before. This little one has just turned 4. She is perfect to take to my ASG meetings or to classes as she is so light weight. I can do all I need to on her.

Day 17 – Bias Binding

Day 17

The blue binding is leftover from the blue blanket pictured in Day 15. Mum worked out how to make it and helped me with it. She did a great job. We had a lot leftover and I’ve used it on various projects over the years. This is the last I have of it. The pink binding is leftover from Snug as a Blanket. Normally bias binding and I are not friends but I did pretty well with this one.

Day 18 – Your View When Sewing

Day 18

I can watching tv when sewing. Some days I have a movie on whilst I sew or will just have random shows on. Its great for those times you have to reverse sew. Some days I play music instead. What I really like sometimes is nothing at all. I love just sitting there listening to the hum of the sewing machine. You get into the stitching zone and nothing else around you matters.

Day 19 – Favourite Piece Of Material

Day 19

This fabric I got about 10 years ago. I have a thing for blue and a thing for hearts. I’ve used it in making 2 slip covers for a foot rest that I use every day. The fabric is a bit faded as it gets used. I figured why not use my favourite fabric in something that I’m going to use every day.

Day 20 – Oldest Work In Progress

Day 20

After I took this I remembered I have another WIP that I stared about 10 years ago but that is in a garage somewhere. I started this stitchery quilt last year. So far I have completed 1 block of 7. The other item in the photo is the pony I need to finish from early this year, I will get back to her.

Day 21 – Favourite Sewing Haunt

Day 21

This shop is where my group meets for our Sewing Guild meetings once a month. I love sewing in this shop as your surrounded by bolts of fabric and sewing notions. It really gets the creative juices flowing. Something will catch the corner of your eye and suddenly a new idea pops into your head or you inspired to try an idea.




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