Different Walking Feet

Did you know walking feet come in different types?

Walking Feet

I had no idea until I did the Deborah Louie Beginners Quilting Class. In my stash of feet which I’d gotten over the years with various machines I had a couple of walking feet but never took much notice of them however on closer inspection I realise they are 2 different.

So what is the difference?

Walking Foot Standard
Standard or Regular walking foot has a closed area at the front like your regular sewing foot (Janome A) You can easily line your fabric up with the centre to sew straight lines.

Walking Foot Open Toe

Open Toe walking foot has a wide area in front like a F2 foot does. You can use it to stitch decorative stitches as the needle has a wide area to work in. There is still a centre mark in which you can use to line up the centre of your stitch design.

Walking Foot In Use

Do you need both?
I think it depends on the type of sewing you do and what you will be making. If you just do piecing or used your foot to do regular stitching the standard foot would be all you need. If you wanted to quilt using the decorative stitches on your machine or stitch the decorative stitches on thicker fabric which is easier with the walking foot (it helps move the fabric through the foot) I would suggest getting an open toe foot. Your view isn’t obstructed so you can easily see where the stitch will be placed.

A word of warning when buying a walking or daring foot know the model of your machine. Some have a high shank others have a low. You need to buy the foot that will fit your machine. It turns out the not all the walking feet in my stash would fit all my machines. My MC11000 only came with a standard foot so I brought an open toe foot for that as I do the majority of my sewing on it. For my smaller machine I have only have an open toe foot (it came with the machine) it will allow me to do all I need to do on it. I’m finding I’m using my different walking feet more and more. Thick items like bags are walking foot is a must. It made sewing the 2 Zip Hipster so easy as the foot help guide the fabric through the machine.


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