ASG May Photo A Day Challenge Week 2

Week 2 of the ASG photo challenge for May Sewing Month

Day 8 – Most common alteration

Day 8

As I don’t do a lot of dress making the alteration I do most is when I’m making a softie I construct is so that leave a gap to stuff the limbs after I’ve attached them to the main body. I struggle to fit a limb full of stuffing into a body casing as I’m assembling the main body. It does create a few minutes more work ladder stitching the limb closed once it is stuffed but I find I’ve saved time and frustration when stitching the main body piece.

Day 9 – Cotton / Thread

Day 9

Most of my threads I inherited from mum. She kept them in these funky IKEA boxes. Just recently I’ve sorted my threads so I keep the same brands together (I have a lot of Gutermann, Rasant and IKEA) All other threads are sorted by colour. The boxes stack neatly in the cupboard.

Day 10 – Scissors

Day 10

I have more scissors than I know what to do with (but I can never find a pair when I want them) These are my favourites to use:
Thin Silver – Live next to my sewing machine for trimming threads
Purple Floral – These are my embroider scissors that I use to cut thread and floss. I also keep a pair in my wallet so when out and about I can cut threads or wool
Black Handle – These I use to snip seams and trim small bits of fabric. They are great when you want to cut in tiny spaces.
Toffee Handle – Paper / toile / anything that’s not cotton
Blue Floral – Fabric scissors. They have a good solid weight to them. From memory I got them with my first ever sewing machine.

Day 11 – Project or detail most proud of sewing

Day 11The project I’m most proud of is the recent 2 Zip Hipster bag I made. The entire bag turned out awesome. It has so much fine detail in it with all the top stitching. I attempted so many new techniques when making this that it really made my sewing skills grow. My friend has now received her bag and I think she was a little blown away by it.

Day 12 – May sewing progress

Day 12

I’ve made some progress on my May sewing plans. One toy is half made, a pattern has been drawn up. Since taking this photo I have finished one craft swap project.

Day 13 – What you sew to kick start your sewing mojo

Day 13

I like to stitch straight lines when I’m lacking my sewjo and I want it back. Things like assembling baby blocks are always good as they are straight sewing. Other things like WIRES pouches which are straight forward to. I like seeing things come together really quickly to motivate me to sew. I don’t want to look at a 20 page complicated pattern when I don’t to even look at my sewing machine (yes it happens)

Day 14 – What’s in your stash

Day 14

Most of my stash is kept in plastic tubs in my garage. Every few projects I raid my stash looking for the perfect fabric. This is my transport basket that I carry my stash in to and from the garage. It’s amazing how many times I suddenly decided to do to try something new or add something to a project and I find the fabric already within this basket. This saves me running to my stash. I also keep any new fabric that has to go away in this basket, which reminds me I must empty this and look for the next lot of fabrics…


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