Marlyn Alpaca Yarn

Last Saturday we had a guest come to the Knitter’s Guild meeting Jill from Marlyn Alpaca. She set up a little shop and I thought the yarn will be lovely but I don’t need any more yarn.

Alpaca Yarn

Jill gave us a talk about her alpaca’s and the process of producing the yarn we could see in front of us. She talked about how the different breeds yield different types of fleece. Some breeds have more of thicker warmer yarn whilst others have a lighter more silk like touch. All the yarn is grown, milled and spun in Australia. I often see alpaca yarn for sale elsewhere but its milled overseas and not done locally. I love the concept that little farms are producing yarn locally and able to process it in little mini mills here.

Alpaca Yarn Tag

Jill had a simple knitted striped scarf done in beige and a brown which took my eye. I could see myself wearing something very similar. She had yarn from 2 breeds of alpaca. The Suri breed had the more silk like touch. She only had one skein of dark brown in that and I had my eye on it. After her presentation I had to have it. I also got a skein of beige so I can make my stripe scarf at some point. When they process the yarn they don’t mix the fleeces from different alpacas, each ones fleece is process separately. One of the things I really liked is that on the label you can see the name of the alpaca it came off. On the website you can look at each animal. The beige is from Bacardi and the brown from Merlot. That is pretty awesome. They are lovely looking animals.

My mum was a big fan of alpaca yarn and she would’ve loved this. Not just the yarn but the local concept as well. Its a little more expensive than alpaca yarn you get elsewhere but your supporting local industries who are struggling to compete with prices from overseas. Once I make this scarf I’m going to have it for years and it will be worth the price I paid for the yarn. I know I’m guilty of buying acrylic yarn from overseas but I can get really nice locally produced yarn over here I try to support local.



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