Yarn Ball Centre Pull

Yarn Ball Centre Pull

When I knit and crochet I always work from the outside of the ball in. It’s just the way I’ve always done it. I’d heard that you can work from the centre out but I’d never tried it. By accident the other day when I started a new ball of yarn I though I was pulling the outside piece that had been tucked into the end. Sometimes they tucked it in quite a bit and loop it around. I joined up my new yarn and discovered I’d actually pulled the inside piece from the core. I decided to try knitting from the centre out to see what it was like. So far it is working really well. The ball isn’t rolling around or flipping like it does when have it from the outside. I did have a slight tangle where it got caught with the end tail that had been tucked in so to over come this I wrapped the end tail around the outside of the ball and weaved it through a couple of strands to hold it. Now I’m having no issue. I’m going to keep using this ball of yarn this way to see what its like as the ball gets smaller. I don’t know if it will cave in and tangle or continue to stay knot free as I use up the yarn. You have to try everything once to see if you like it.


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