Stylecraft Yarn

Cozy Kit

I used Stylecraft yarn for the very first time when I made my Cozy Blanket. From the Wool Warehouse I brought the Attic 24 kit which used DK Special yarn an acrylic which was so soft and not scratchy at all.

Stylecraft Yarn

I decided to get some more Stylecraft yarn this time I shopped from Love Knitting. If you spend over $A80 you get free delivery. At some point I want to make a Ripple Blanket so I decided on some DK Special colours and got those so whenever I want I can start it. I also thought about what yarn I would need for a birthday gift for next year (yep I do plan my gift making that far ahead) so I got some yarn for that.

Wrap Begining

I was just under the $80 mark so I got some yarn to make myself a shawl/wrap. I made a start on it yesterday. I’m not following a pattern for this and didn’t even count how many chains I did. All I know is that I have 300g of yarn (3 x 100g balls) and I will do rows of trebles in stripes until I run out of yarn. Really simple. I was having crochet withdrawals and wanted a nice simple project to do and relax.


4 thoughts on “Stylecraft Yarn

    • Yippee another Stylecraft fan! You might have to wait a bit to see my ripple it may not get started until as late as next year. I have to master the decrease crochet 2 together stitch first.

      • Yes I love style craft, it is so nice to work with and the quality never changes at all! I think I will be a while too I have another 60 odd lines to go hoping to be done soon though as it is a gift that I have been asked to make

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