Cozy Blanket CAL Week 7

Cozy Blanket CAL Week 7

This week was very happy but very sad. I’ve finished all the rows of the blanket yippee!! The sad part is I am really enjoying crocheting it and I don’t want it to end. There are 90 rows in total which is 3 repeats of the yarn card I made up. I could’ve perhaps made it longer but in my mind I like the size the way it is (I will explain more once it finished) The photo shows it on a queen size bed. I’m going to use it for a blanket in the lounge room rather than on the bed so really the length isn’t an issue.

My next task is the border. I’m using Lucy’s border tutorial as a guide but not following it completely. I want a slightly different look to my border.


4 thoughts on “Cozy Blanket CAL Week 7

  1. I feel the same for my crochet blanket. Sometimes I think it is not the finished product but the process that I really enjoy and wish it would never end. That is why I only crochet in the evenings slowly even only half an hour. It is a quiet and peaceful way ending my days and preparing for tomorrow 🙂

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