Knitters Guild NSW

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first Knitters Guild meeting.

Knitters Guild Logo

At the Stitches and Craft show I discovered a group not far from me met monthly on a Saturday. I went along not knowing anyone (so I thought) but that didn’t faze me as I thought the people there are all into yarn craft so therefore I will get along with them. Everyone made me feel so welcome when I arrived. By chance I sat with a girl who after chatting for a bit we discovered we did actually know each other via the magic of social media. Earlier this year she had sent me fabric in a craft swap. Yes its a very small craft world.

Knitters Guild Application Form

Each new person is allowed to attend 3 meetings of the group to get a taste of what it’s about before being asked to join the Guild. I was instantly hooked and knew it was for me so as soon as I got home I went online and joined up. I really enjoyed my day. I found about more about the group. Each member brings along a project to work on and for some of the meeting a workshop is held in a separate part of the hall that members can attend if they wish too. What a great way to learn new skills. There is ‘show and tell’ where each members shows the group projects they are working on or better yet items they have actually finished – yes apparently some people do finish projects 🙂  It was really interesting see all the different items people were working on. Some looked really complicated others were simple squares to make charity blankets. All their items looked wonderful. I know I’m going to enjoy my new group.


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