Cozy Blanket CAL Week 5

Cozy Blanket

How time fly’s it doesn’t feel like I’ve been working on this blanket for 5 weeks now (if anyone knows where March went please let me know) This week I hit a milestone finishing 2 laps of my colour card so that 60 rows completed. Confession I haven’t read the pattern in full so I don’t know how many rows are in the blanket. I’m starting to get worried about the border as I’ve never done a border before. Part of me is thinking I may wimp out and not even do a border as it looks pretty good without it. Maybe I really do need to read the pattern.

Missed Treble Cluster

I did have a slight mishap this week. Crocheting along something just didn’t look right. Closer inspection saw in one of the treble clusters I missed a stitch and made it a double cluster. I’d already tied off that colour so I couldn’t go back to fix it. It’s only tiny but I always seem to do that once on every treble cluster item I make. Hopefully I don’t do another one. It was in that rusty red colour row again the same as I did my miss stitch a couple of weeks ago. Maybe there is something about that colour.


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