Sewing Love Mug Rug

This is yet another mug rug I finished in January but had to wait until this month to share.

Sewing Mug Rug Front

This mug rug is a combination of 2 separate designs that I liked decided to use in one piece. The stitchery is a block from ‘Sew and Sew’ by Lyn Briggs in Country Threads Vol 15 No 7. It’s the perfect size for a mug rug. I was drawn to it instantly. I traced it onto some calico from my stash and the did all the embroidery in backstitch except for the running stitch around the inner heart.

Mug Rug Book

When I got Mug Rugs by Christina Rolf I came across the sewing machine design. The pattern was larger and had I ♥ sewing in the design so I just modified it to fit the mug rug. This is really the first time I’ve done needle turn applique so I was pretty pleased with my attempt. Both fabrics used was leftover scraps previous projects.

Sewing Mug Rug Back

The backing fabric is scrap I found in my scrap stash that I cut and pieced to fit. The binding was another strip I found in my scrap stash. I only did simple quilting lines as at this stage I didn’t know how quilt something like this. It measure 6″ x 10″


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