Beginners Quilting Class

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to do Deborah Louie’s “Lets Quilt” Beginners Class. Deborah Louie is a domestic quilter who has won many awards. I’ve seen dvds she has done for Quilter Companion magazine explaining different techniques so I was very excited to do her Beginners quilting class.

Deborah Louie Business Card

In the class Deborah discussed the importance of preparing the quilt layers and taught us how to pin and baste the layers. She showed us various forms of batting and the benefits of each one. She also discussed the different thread and needle types and when to use them.

Ditch Quilting

Each person in the class brought alone their sewing machine and we did practical quilting activities. I was happy with my ditch quilting (it was almost invisible) I enjoyed playing around with the decorative stitches to do ditch stitching with them.

Cross Hatch Quitling

We learnt how to do cross hatching. Once it was explained it actually seemed very easily. It reminded me of sashiko as you do all your stitching in one direction and it doesn’t look like much then you come along in another direction and finish it off and suddenly your pattern appears.

Lift and Drag Quilting

Probably the most excited thing I learnt from the class was the lift and drag technique. Why was I so excited? Because I didn’t know how to do the quilting on something like a mug rug when it has a stitchery design in the centre but I want to do quilting around it. Now I can do the lines around it but skip over the design.

The class was great. I took so many notes plus Deborah supplies you with notes on everything she talks about. It was great to learn all the fundamentals of machine quilting. The class was only small so you go to ask lots of questions and discuss topics in detail. Many of us as we were leaving signed up to do Deborah’s Free Motion Quilting class in May. I can’t wait.


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