Protecting Yarn Tip

Handy Home Tips magazine

I came across a great little tip in the Women’s Weekly Handy Home Tips special issue magazine to keep yarn protected during a project.

Yarn In A Bag

Snip a corner off a zip lock bag, place your yarn in the bag and thread it through the snipped corner. So simple right? I thought I’d road test the tip on my latest project.

Yarn ball in a plastic bag

It worked really well. As I was knitting it got me thinking at how useful this tip would be. If you knitted at home, you already had a stable place you place your yarn (bucket, bag, yarn bowl) and you didn’t have any little helpers (pets, small children) who liked to help you knit / crochet then you wouldn’t really use this tip. If however, you had helpers or you took your projects out on the go with you (I often knit at the pub) then this would be a great way to protect the yarn and stop items getting caught in the ball in your bag.



9 thoughts on “Protecting Yarn Tip

  1. Having a corgi who sheds A LOT, and bringing at least one project with me anywhere I go means a lot of yarn get a lot of extra “fibers” from fur and dust. This will help a lot! Thanks for the tip!

    • I used to have a small dog that seemed to shed more hair then was actually on her so I can imagine how much hair you would collect on your wool. Have you considered spinning with all the fur they are kindly leaving you? 🙂 I’m glad you can use this little tip

      • I did actually gather up some of the fur to see if that could work, but the fibers are a bit on the short side so I might try again sometime later and then mix it with sheep wool or something 🙂

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