Cozy Blanket CAL Week 2

Cozy Stripe Blanket

I got a little more progress done on my blanket this week, roughly another 14 rows or so done. That’s about 2 rows a day. Some days I’m getting more done others day less. I still never got around to sewing in the ends. I started laughing this week when I started the light green row cause combined with the orange it looked like carrot tops. Then the pink row on top of that made me think of lollies.

Cozy Blanket CAL Week 2 Missed Stitched

I did make a slight error this week and missed a stitched. I didn’t actually realise until I got the next row that I had missed a stitch as it was on a row that you do ever every stitch. I don’t keep count along the way to how many stitches your meant to have. It was only when I came to end of my next row that I noticed I didn’t have the same amount of stitches left (you are meant to have 3 left after the last treble cluster) I searched the row until I found the error and pulled apart the purple row until I came across the offending stitch.

Cozy Blanket CAL Week 2 Correction

To combat the missed stitched I decided to only skip one stitch between treble clusters around that stitched. It took me a few attempts to work out which side of the stitch I had to make the adjustment. I wanted the treble clusters to all line up on the rows so I used my crochet hook as a guide to line it up. It was an interesting mistake as it made me have to think about it and work out a solution. The fact I came up with a solution that worked gives me a little confidence that I can crochet and feels like I’ve earned my hook licence (like your pen licence when you graduated from lead pencils to a biro in school)


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