Stitches and Craft Show 2015

March equals the Rosehill Stitches and Craft show. Before the event I was sent a program guide that had all the classes listed. I’m one of the crazy people who knows before the day starts what class I want to do and as soon as the doors open I rush to the stand to book it. After that I can relax knowing I have my spot and can enjoy the show. The class I did this year was using a double ended crochet hook. I’d never heard of it (my crochet knowledge is limited)

Stitches and Craft Show 2015 Class

Confession I was the worst in the class. We chose the wool colour we wanted (naturally I went for blues) but I should have learnt my lesson from previous experiences and not chosen a dark colour when I’m learning a new technique for the first time. The cast on / chain on the stitches was different than you normally do and with the dark yarn I couldn’t even see the stitches. I started again with the lighter colour but still struggled as you go into the back bump on the reverse side. I messed up and skipped a couple. I was nervous cause I couldn’t get the stitches my fingers started shaking which made it more difficult to crochet with the shakes. I told myself I’m here to learn its ok to make mistakes and not understand it. I then stuffed up the 2nd row as I misread the pattern. The teacher had to keep coming back to help me. After about 45 mins I finally got the hang of it. Apparently a lot of people have trouble with it but once you get it, its easy to do. I’m just one of those people who take a bit longer to get it. The best way to describe the technique is a cross between normal crochet and Tunisian crochet. I haven’t done Tunisian for ages so I was out of practice. By the end of the class I was happy with my piece and will finish it into a scarf for myself at some point

Stitches and Craft Show 2015 Class 2

As with every year I did do a bit of shopping. Most of the items I picked up I needed for gifts or bags I’m going to make. I was able to find ground walnut shells which I’m hearing is the best thing to put in pincushions. I’m making a couple soon. At the wood turners exhibit I found a darning mushroom made from solid wood. I’ve always wanted one. I also picked up a little bowl with lid. These bowls are for a charity and I always buy one every year.

Stitches and Craft Show 2015 Shopping

I did buy one luxury purchase and that was the Scissor Man showbag but that’s because it had a portable Ottlite lamp in it. I can have it next to my sewing machine or even fold it in my bag and take it to craft group with me. I can use the ribbons that came in the bag on some gifts later in the year and as for scissors you can never have too many particularly those small ones which are the perfect size for snipping threads or yarn.

Stitches and Craft Show 2015 Shopping 2

I talked to a few different stall holders and found a place that I can do a class on how to use my Scan N Cut machine so will look at doing that in the next couple of months. I also got talking to people from the Knitter’s Guild so perhaps that may be on the cards later in the year….


2 thoughts on “Stitches and Craft Show 2015

  1. I bought the same bag from the Scissor Man. It was so full of bits & bobs. The lamp has ended up in the garage for Hubby to see when putting his motorbike away as there is no power at present.
    Who was the teacher and/or shop for the crochet class you did?
    I would have loved to have done it, but I missed that one.
    I too, plan my classes before I go. I signed up for the Spinners & Weavers Guild class, then couldn’t attend as it clashed with another class that I had misread the times for. They let me take the class kit and a friend who did the class, showed me what to do with it.

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