Precut Blanket

Leasa set another sew my stash challenge this time based on precuts.

In my stash I have a couple of precut charm square packs and a log I’d gotten for free over the years but I couldn’t think of anything practical to make with them or couldn’t think of a gift I needed to make. I then remembered about a stack of 6.5″ flannel squares I brought of ebay about 10 years ago. I decided since they were all the same colour tone, the same size and many the same pattern they counted as a precut bundle. I’d always intended to make some sort of blanket with them but never got around to it. Last year when sorting out my stash I came across them again.


Its the most basic patchwork blanket you will come across. The back is a single piece of black polar fleece that I brought in the recent Lincraft 50% off sale. This blanket isn’t the most fanciest piece of work but it is bright and most importantly its practical. It will be used this winter on my lounge. I used a chunk of fabric from stash that had been sitting there doing nothing for years.

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