“Stitch Castle HiIl” 2015

Last weekend I went to a new craft show “Stitch Castle Hill” it was held by the Craft Alive team.


Craft Alive mainly hold shows in regional areas which is fantastic as it gives people in those areas a chance to be involved in events they’d otherwise have to travel to city for. This year they decided to hold a show in the outer Sydney suburb of Castle Hill. Craft Alive did a great job at hosting it. There were lots of stall holders (Fabric Garden, Black Possum Fabrics, Annie’s Designs) there were workshops you could do, demonstrations given by various stall holders, a café. All the stall holders were lovely. It was really nice to chat to them as I went around the show. I picked up a few bargains for some gifts I’m making and some craft swaps I’m involved in.

Stitch Goodies

I hope Craft Alive decide to hold the show again next year at Castle Hill. It was really good to have it in the Sydney area. It seemed very popular to the public on the day I was there so hopefully that means they will return next year.

2 thoughts on ““Stitch Castle HiIl” 2015

  1. That is so nice, I was looking for social events near myself and it seems they are not popular as they start and then end! Your fabric looks lovely I really hope you do get it again next year ❤

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