Panel Skirt Sew-Along

I’m not a girly person but I’ve always loved skirts and making one for myself has one been on my sewing wish list / todo list for ages. Debra (Stitching Rules)  held a sew-along to make a panel skirt so I decided now was the time to finally give it ago. I have heaps of skirt patterns but Debra provided one so I thought as this was my first time skirt making it would be a good pattern to start with as I could ask her questions I had along the way if needed.

Panel Skirt

Constructing the skirt was pretty easy. As suggested in the tutorial I overlocked all the pieces before doing the seams. On the seams I used a trip stitch for a bit more strength. I did struggle with inserting the elastic a tiny bit. I tried stitching over the elastic to enclose the waste band but I wasn’t happy with it so I unpicked it and stitched the casing first then threaded through the elastic. It worked better this way but elastic and I are not friends. To stop the elastic from rolling I did do a line of stretch stitching across the casing on the sides.

Test Stitches On Scrap Fabric

Normally I’m a lazy crafter and cut corners but not on this project. I tested the tension on my overlocker on a scrap piece of fabric. I checked the colours on my overlocker (pink and purple) wouldn’t show through once I finished the skirt. Before doing the seams I tested the triple stitch. These are big steps for me. I used a stretch cotton drill fabric that wasn’t from my stash however I did buy it in a recent Lincraft 50% off fabric sale. I knew the sew-along was coming up and saw the fabric and thought skirt. It was only when I was stitching it I noticed the tiny ‘s

I must admit once I took my measurements I was really shocked by pattern size I had to go to. My waste to hip ratio was not the same as any size guide. Rachael (Sew Today Clean Tomorrow) made a really good point about pattern sizing on her blog. Perhaps next time I might make the elastic a bit smaller in the waste, but I have no fear of it falling down as I walk.

After this sew-along I’m encouraged to make more of my own clothing.




4 thoughts on “Panel Skirt Sew-Along

  1. Well done! The fabric is really pretty and you have done a great job for a first attempt. I know that lots of people sew crafts/homewards etc but to me making clothes is real sewing.

    • Thank you. Sewing clothes is a side of sewing that I really want to do more of now that my skills are improving. I’m in awe of the clothes people make and my aim is to end up being able to do that.

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