Unhappy Pony

Not all toys work out the way you want and this is one of them.

Unhappy Pony

From the book Fun at the Fair by Melly & Me, Pony is a great pattern. I had no issues with the pattern. The hair and mane are stitched in the seam line so I enjoyed the challenge of not getting them caught when constructing her. The legs were the items I found myself procraftinating on until I decided on my method (finishing them off by hand and not on the sewing machine) After I stitched the button joints on she just sat on my craft table ….. for over 4 weeks. I’m not sure what it is but I just wasn’t happy with the look of her. Think it had to do with the buttons, they were all I had in my stash but they just didn’t seem right. She was due to be a gift for March but I’ve decided to make something else for the child. I’m not giving up on Pony and I intend to use her for another purpose later in the year. I’ve got some ideas for her, she just needs a slightly different look. Maybe without me even knowing she was always destined for another job and not to be given in March.


2 thoughts on “Unhappy Pony

    • Agree the buttons are a bit too neon. I’m actually thinking I’ll make her without the buttons so all you will see is the purple stitching on her leg joints (will make more visual sense when I do it) Without the buttons she can also be given to a younger child as there are no choking hazards

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