I’ve made another Melly & Me toy this time from the book Kaleidoscope. She is to go with the unicorn pillow.


I found Bubbles very interesting to make. Her mane is tied on after she is constructed by threading lengths of embroidery floss through the neck seam and knotting it in place. I used my sashiko need to insert the yarn as it had a larger eye and could handle the thicker floss in one go. My girl guide knot skills came into play as I did reef knots to secure each piece. After I tied each floss piece into place I separated out the strands and ran each one over my finger nail which gave the threads a curled effect, similar to curling ribbon over the blade of your scissors when wrapping presents. I did buy the embroidery floss for her mane and tail (on sale after Christmas) but everything else came from my existing stash.


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