Gnome Swap Sign Up


I’ve signed up for another Instagram swap. The lovely Kerry of Kid Giddy is our host and it has a fun theme Gnomes! If you want to take part you have until Feb 16th to fill out the registration form but items made aren’t needed to be sent until June so you have a bit of time to work on things. Its an international swap so all are welcome to join. I’m really excited about this swap for a couple of reason

  1. How can you not love gnomes – They a cute and magically. They hang out with the fairies and get into mischief. They don’t come in the one shape and size. Each one is different.
  2. Your not limited to the item that you have to make – This is an open swap where you can choose the item you want to make. You can make a mini quilt, tote bag, softie, mug rug. You will get a list of items or things your swap partner likes then you make a gift around that. If your good at making a particular item then you can theme it around what your partner likes (colours, fabric)

I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind for items I know I can make pretty well and I have already started sourcing patterns for them. When I get my swap partner details I will plan colours and fabrics. From the moment I heard about this swap I found myself continually going back to the website all day with more and more ideas in my head so I had to be involved.


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