Treble Crochet Oops!

I’ve always wondered if I was doing my treble crochet stitch correct. Originally I learnt how to do it from a book and followed along with the steps shown. I’ve made plenty of items using the trebles including blankets and bags and they have all worked out fine. Before starting the Cozy Blanket CAL in March I decided to make a doll blanket to practice the pattern, it was during this blanket I decided to watch some clips on Youtube and then realised all this time I had been doing trebles wrong.

Treble Oops

Here is instructions on how to do trebles. After seeing the correct way and looking at what I was doing it seems I was doing a mutant form of half treble crochet. I wasn’t even doing that the same as it should. Maybe I’ve created an entire new stitch but I’m not sure how I did it now ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re a crochet novice like myselfย  it can be confusing understanding stitches with theย UK and US terms.

Treble Correct

Once I got the stitch right Iย made a couple of dishcloths to practice including a mini run of the Cozy Stripe pattern. I enjoyed the pattern and can’t wait to start the blanket in a few weeks time.



12 thoughts on “Treble Crochet Oops!

  1. Oh no! I did have a chuckle at your mutant stitch lol!!! I sometimes wonder if i do my treble stitch wrong too as i am sure it does not look right. I just think though if your end product looks good who cares if you made up a stitch ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What were you doing? I learnt to treble by yarn over, through, yarn over, take off one, YO, take 2, YO, take 2. After reading the cosy cal u realised i was also wrong!! Would be interested to see if they were the same! Xx

    • I had to grab a ball of yarn just now to try ๐Ÿ™‚ think I was doing yarn over insertion into loop pull back through 2 loops yarn over pull back through 2 loops again. I know it was almost like a half treble but not even that

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