Yes I’m guilty of it 😦


If your unsure what procraftinating is here is a good definition. The putting of housework side of it in order to craft I don’t find bad (why remove the dust when its only going to come back right?) What I need to work on is putting craft projects aside as soon I get to a step in them which I’m unfamiliar with. My brain just screams “I don’t know how to do this runaway!!” The item gets put aside and suddenly I’m doing other things (but not housework) This happened again last week when I had to stitch some legs together. I made the tops of the legs without issue but when I needed to stitch the bases in I panicked as I didn’t know how I was going to fit a round circle into what seemed like a rectangle shape. For the rest of the week I kept making excuses not to touch them (I was too tired, it was too hot, my hands were dirty) then before bed one night I thought the task through in my head and came up with a plan. I would tack around the circle like you do a yoyo to draw it up so it was 3 dimensional and then pin the leg top around it. When I tried it the next day it worked straight away and I completed the 4 legs in no time.

I need to stop this way of thinking. Ok yes so maybe I needed to think this task through but that doesn’t mean I should’ve been avoiding it like I was. This happens to me every time I face something I’m unfamiliar with. Its the reason why I haven’t really touched my ScanNCut machine. I should face my crafting fears and give everything a go.


10 thoughts on “Procraftinating

  1. I say just go for it! I try to do it and well i have done some things i thought i was unable to do 🙂
    So your going to think i am crazy i could not and did not know hoe to crochet i woke up after a seizure and suddenly knew lol, so if i can do it you can 🙂

      • Haha i wish it was for something more useful like inventing that must have item! Think of all the people and animals i could help then!

      • With a bit of thinking you never know what you will come up with. In your brain there may just be a creation in there that will be the next big thing and help hundreds if not thousands of people

  2. Well your procraftinating paid off on this occasion. Sometimes I think you have to be in the right frame of mind to solve a crafting issue. Why labour over it until you know how you are going to do it. Love this new word, thanks for sharing.

    • For something that is meant to be relaxing sometimes crafting requires a lot of mental capacity. So much thought goes into what your doing or how your doing it. It takes a lot of work to make things look good 🙂

  3. I feel your pain, I have the same issue with sewing, I’m fine doing anything with paper, but give me fabric and a sewing machine and I freak out. Hence why I have a cupboard full of lovely fabric wasting away!

    • You’ll get there with your sewing. Start with simple projects (like a superhero cape) or a tooth fairy pillow (its just sewing a plain square really) you’ll be fine. If I can pick up machine sewing after refusing to go near a sewing machine to learn for 30 years you can do it.

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