Toothfairy Pillows In Bulk

I have lots of little ones turning 5 this year so that means a lot of toothfairy pillows needed to be ready to add to their birthday gifts.

Toothfairy Pillow Front

These are a great gift to make in bulk. They were all cut at one time, all the letters were drawn on with frixion pens at the same time. All the hand embroidery was done one after the other. They were all stitched in a production line just changing threads on the machine for each one. They were stuffed and finished one after each other.

Toothfairy Pillow Twins

With these pillows where possible I tried to use fabric from my scrap stash first before getting out new fabric from my stash. This saved time prepping new fabric for such small projects and also meant I could try to make a dent in my large scrap stash. On these ones I used left over fabric from the hopscotch matt I made last Christmas and the printed fabric on the front is from a butterfly I made one of the girls last year. Luckily it had the same tones in it as the hopscotch fabric so I just picked a colour from that to do the embroidery. Due to the panel width it did mean I had to make these pillows a bit smaller than I usually do but that doesn’t matter.

Toothfairy Pillow Back

I normally use a printed fabric on the pocket and the back but on this one I decided to use scraps I had and instead jazz up the fabric with some machine embroidery. A great way of using those fancy stitches on the machine, plus I got to stitch love hearts (I do love a )

Toothfairy Pillow I Am Sam

On this pillow I did have to use new fabric however I found the perfect fabric in my stash. I brought this Dr Seuss fabric last year only cause I knew a little boy named Sam. I had no idea what I would use it for but I had to have it for that child. When it came to making his pillow instantly I knew what to use. I had to use new green background fabric too but I had another project in mind to use that fabric for so its ok. Confession when I was pre-treating the 2 green fabrics the fabrics ran so that’s why the print fabric looks multi-tone. It was across the entire fat quarter and not just one spot so it just looks like its meant to be that way. The same fabric is on the back.

Even though I have made heaps of these pillows over the years I still love making them. Each one is individual and not just because they initials are different on the front. The fabric is different in each or the way they are constructed using different ideas or challenges such as scrap stash raiding or embroidery. They are all the same basic item but the possibilities are endless. Once again they are something that will grow with the child over time and still be usable in their teens.

3 thoughts on “Toothfairy Pillows In Bulk

  1. I love these, what a great idea. I am very jealous of your sewing machine that embroiders. Perhaps one day when I become a proper sewer I will have a machine like that!

    • The embroidery on the toothfairy pillows is all done by hand. I still love hand embroidery. Yes I am spoilt with my fancy embroidery machine, I still sit in amazement as I watch it work it magic without me doing it.

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