Koala Mittens

Whether you believe that this was a genuine call out for help or just a hoax is up to you. I believe this to be genuine to help the very injured koalas. A call was put out on Facebook by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to make mittens to aid in the recovery of burnt koala paws. As I already make WIRES pouches and had already made a batch earlier this week and posted them off to Fauna Rescue SA as soon as I saw this mitten appeal I decided to help.

Koala Mittens

Like the WIRES pouches the fabric needed to 100% cotton so I just used some calico from a roll I had in my stash. I folded the fabric 4 layers thick pinning it down the length of the fabric then pinned the mitten templates I made from the dimensions shown in the Facebook instruction image and cut them all out. I constructed them on the overlocker by first overlocking the bottom of each mitten then putting them together in pairs and stitching them together. The 4 thread seam meant I was joining them and finishing off the seams at the same time. I then took pieces of wool, tied a knot in one end then hand stitched the wool string to each pouch through the knot as an anchor. I made 13 pairs of mittens which equated to 26 in total. I used leftover wool from my stash after making a blanket last year.

Rescue Pouches

A lot of people around the world were drawn to make these and it was lovely to see the response. All the organisations are always in need of pouches so I hope the support shown over the last week carries on and people do decide to support the wildlife organisations and make items for them. Pouches and other items are always needed by the various organisations to aid in the day to day care of injured and abandoned wildlife and not just needed when it gets mentioned on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Koala Mittens

  1. yay for making them! My husband shoved the article in my face last night and said make these! unfortunately though i can not use a sewing machine. The little koalas will be so thankful for these

  2. Thank you, haha that was nice of your husband maybe he needs to learn how to sew 🙂 You do some amazing work for animal shelters yourself so keep up the good work

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