My Little Monster

This is my first birthday gift given for 2015

Little Monster

Yet another Melly & Me design this time from the book Sewn Toy Tales. Harry the Monster is the pattern name but I just call him Monster. Once again I didn’t make him the same as the book. I did a few less spots on him than the pattern has and his eyebrows are some pompom trimming I found in my stash which I really like. The felt is from a bag of scraps a friend sent me after a couple of Christmas’s ago and I’m still using them. I enjoyed sourcing all the little embellishments from my stash.

Monster Opps

I did have a slight issue when making him. The fabric isn’t your normal quilting weight cotton. Its more lighter and the weave isn’t as dense. I was doing a narrow triple stitch and the machine just kept eating the fabric. At one stage I had to cut him off the base of my machine as he was all tangled in the throat plate. In the end I went with a regular straight stitch and had to make the seam wide to stitch past the area that was mangled. I’d done all the work with the embroidery that I wasn’t going to let him be ruined without a fight. In the end I saved him. I’ve never stitched with this finer fabric but when I found it in my stash I liked the texture and thought it would be different, the pattern in the book uses a wool fabric but I only had pink wool fabric so went with what I could find.



2 thoughts on “My Little Monster

  1. What a gorgeous monster toy! I am in awe at your talents! Love your ideas for using what you have – that is my mantra for this year, to use what I have, for everything. I really need to learn how to sew, as I am particularly useless at it, but do want to learn how to make some simple gifts out of my own fabric stash. Yes, even non-sewers have them!

    • Jo, thank you for such kind comments. I like your mantra. That’s wonderful that your learning how to sew. I wish you all the best. Start with simple easy gifts until you gain confidence and you’ll be fine with your sewing.

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