Use My Stash 2015

Fabric Stash 1

#SewMyStash2015 is a challenge where people are this year urged to source at least 50% of the fabric needed for a project from their current stash. Its a great idea, however this is something I generally have always done. I shop from my stash at home before I shop anywhere else. I joke that I’m going to the fabric store when I’m going through my tubs of fabric.

Shopping Basket

What I started to do last year and will continue to do this year which falls within this challenge (my version of the challenge anyway) is use up all the other bits of my stashes not just focusing on the brand new uncut bits of fabric. This goes along with my Use It Or Lose It mindset. Look first in my scrap fabric stash before looking at new unprepped fabric. In 2014 I did a few projects from my scrap fabric stash but I need to do a lot more. I have so many scraps.  I need to start to embellish projects with small bits of ribbon and trimmings that I have, again I have a lot just sitting there doing nothing. I need to go through my pattern books and make the items in them. Make charity projects using all the yarn people have given me. I’m in the habit of using the fabric I currently have to make my gifts but I need to start culling a few of my other stashes and that’s by using them or if I find that I’m not using them pass them on. I think the Sew My Stash is a great challenge, even though its something I currently do it has opened my thinking of other ways to interrupt the challenge to cull down some of the items that I have.


2 thoughts on “Use My Stash 2015

  1. I love how this challenge has morphed and changed ever so slightly to match the individual needs of everyone! I shop my stash too, but I always convince myself that this print or that print isn’t quite perfect… then I go to the store. Lol

    • Leasa, thanks for coming up with it. It such a simple idea that anyone can adapt to their situation. I look forward to seeing how you go with it this year.

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