Thread Stand

Thread Stand

This is an item I assume I got when I was sorting through mum’s sewing things. Once of those things you grab thinking it will be useful at some point. It has always remained in the packaging in my cupboard. When I couldn’t get a spool of thread to sit on my machine I knew my solution. It’s really designed for larger overlocker cones but my smaller thread spool fitted nicely on it. It worked really well and I was able to sit it just behind my sewing machine. Once I finished sewing I unassembled it and now it lives in the storage bin of my sewing cabinet ready to be used when I next need it. It was good to use the gadgets in my stash. I think the more that I develop in my sewing the more I’m starting to learn about all the small gadgets and things that you often see in the craft shops and think that looks great but why do I need it.


Tablet Cover

Leasa set a Sew My Stash 2015 challenge this week based on a Valentines Day. You needed to make a project that incorporated hearts into the design. I don’t make Valentine things but I do adore hearts so I decided to show some love for my tablet and make it a case as for a number of months it has just been wrapped in a bit of fabric to store and protect it.

Tablet Cover Front

After much searching online I finally found this tutorial. I’ve only ever made simple zipper pillows and nothing complicated like a lined pouch. The front piece is the machine embroidery panel I made last year. I drew hearts on it with a frixon pen than quilted over the lines. Unfortunately the pen lines didn’t disappear when I ironed it. I’m not sure if it was just this fabric as I had it happen to me before on another project. Hopefully it comes out when I wash it.

Tablet Cover Lining

As per the tutorial I quilted all my pieces. I stuck with straight line quilting playing around with each piece. Some have diagonal lines, some have simple rectangles or diamonds. Each time I used my the width of my walking foot as a guide to space out the lines. I really enjoyed designing all the quilting on this. I had to really think how I would fill the space of each fabric. It really gave me a chance to try quilting. I had to think of where to place the walking foot. I was using my knee lift which made all the quilting a breeze.

Broken Needles

When it came to constructing all the pieces I did have a little trouble. My zipper was a fraction too long for the pieces so come stitching time the metal zipper stopper was under my stitching line and I broke 2 needles in the process. Also as I didn’t really need to do the zipper end covers on mine as the tutorial has so that added more bulk when stitching the zipper which I think added to the broken needles.

Tablet Cover Back

Over all I’m stoked with how it turned out. Ok so a couple of drunken sailor stitching lines here and there but not to worry. The fabric I used for the lining and back was left over from when I covered my ironing board. It was offcuts the right size and ready go go. I liked the fabric anyway so it was perfect. I’m not sure what other challenges Leasa has planned but where possible I will take part in them depending on what the challenge involves and what my craft load is at the time. I never usually make items for me but I really enjoyed this project plus it got another item off my craft todo list.

Knee Lift

What does it do and why do you use it?

Knee Lift

Until now I’d never used my knee lift. It was just an attachment that I took out of the box when I got the machine that I had no idea what to do with. Asking around I discovered its a lever you attached to your machine that allows you to raise and lower the presser foot with your knee. If you do a lot of quilting it becomes your best friend as it gives you an extra hand when your moving the quilt around on the sewing bed, you can keep both hands on the quilt yet adjust the presser foot at the same time. Over the last couple of days I gave it a trial use. Its fantastic. It takes a bit of getting used to and I’ll admit at times I was getting confused between the machine sewing foot pedal and the knee lift. I may have done a couple of odd extra stitches here and there. On one project I was doing a lot of quilting and it made it so much easier just having to move my leg to operate it. Now I know how useful the knee lift is I’ll be using it again.

I will warn you if you have any leg issues you may struggle to use it however you already know your body and know what you can and can’t do. I have leg issues and I finally managed to combine sewing with exercise as every time I used the knee lift I was working my leg muscles to control it. Another way that sewing is great for my health 🙂


“S” Superhero Cape

I haven’t made a superhero cape in awhile and I’d forgotten how easy they are to make.

Cape S

I keep my capes simple and use the same coloured fabric on both sides. If you don’t have enough fabric you can do it a separate colour on each side and that gives you a reversible cape which I’ve done in the past. You can find the pattern I use here.


I put the child’s initial on the front of the cape as I think every child should feel like they are a superhero.

Once again I used felt and fabric I already had in my stash. The green is the same as the toothfairy pillows.


Yes I’m guilty of it 😦


If your unsure what procraftinating is here is a good definition. The putting of housework side of it in order to craft I don’t find bad (why remove the dust when its only going to come back right?) What I need to work on is putting craft projects aside as soon I get to a step in them which I’m unfamiliar with. My brain just screams “I don’t know how to do this runaway!!” The item gets put aside and suddenly I’m doing other things (but not housework) This happened again last week when I had to stitch some legs together. I made the tops of the legs without issue but when I needed to stitch the bases in I panicked as I didn’t know how I was going to fit a round circle into what seemed like a rectangle shape. For the rest of the week I kept making excuses not to touch them (I was too tired, it was too hot, my hands were dirty) then before bed one night I thought the task through in my head and came up with a plan. I would tack around the circle like you do a yoyo to draw it up so it was 3 dimensional and then pin the leg top around it. When I tried it the next day it worked straight away and I completed the 4 legs in no time.

I need to stop this way of thinking. Ok yes so maybe I needed to think this task through but that doesn’t mean I should’ve been avoiding it like I was. This happens to me every time I face something I’m unfamiliar with. Its the reason why I haven’t really touched my ScanNCut machine. I should face my crafting fears and give everything a go.

Toothfairy Pillows In Bulk

I have lots of little ones turning 5 this year so that means a lot of toothfairy pillows needed to be ready to add to their birthday gifts.

Toothfairy Pillow Front

These are a great gift to make in bulk. They were all cut at one time, all the letters were drawn on with frixion pens at the same time. All the hand embroidery was done one after the other. They were all stitched in a production line just changing threads on the machine for each one. They were stuffed and finished one after each other.

Toothfairy Pillow Twins

With these pillows where possible I tried to use fabric from my scrap stash first before getting out new fabric from my stash. This saved time prepping new fabric for such small projects and also meant I could try to make a dent in my large scrap stash. On these ones I used left over fabric from the hopscotch matt I made last Christmas and the printed fabric on the front is from a butterfly I made one of the girls last year. Luckily it had the same tones in it as the hopscotch fabric so I just picked a colour from that to do the embroidery. Due to the panel width it did mean I had to make these pillows a bit smaller than I usually do but that doesn’t matter.

Toothfairy Pillow Back

I normally use a printed fabric on the pocket and the back but on this one I decided to use scraps I had and instead jazz up the fabric with some machine embroidery. A great way of using those fancy stitches on the machine, plus I got to stitch love hearts (I do love a )

Toothfairy Pillow I Am Sam

On this pillow I did have to use new fabric however I found the perfect fabric in my stash. I brought this Dr Seuss fabric last year only cause I knew a little boy named Sam. I had no idea what I would use it for but I had to have it for that child. When it came to making his pillow instantly I knew what to use. I had to use new green background fabric too but I had another project in mind to use that fabric for so its ok. Confession when I was pre-treating the 2 green fabrics the fabrics ran so that’s why the print fabric looks multi-tone. It was across the entire fat quarter and not just one spot so it just looks like its meant to be that way. The same fabric is on the back.

Even though I have made heaps of these pillows over the years I still love making them. Each one is individual and not just because they initials are different on the front. The fabric is different in each or the way they are constructed using different ideas or challenges such as scrap stash raiding or embroidery. They are all the same basic item but the possibilities are endless. Once again they are something that will grow with the child over time and still be usable in their teens.

Pink Beanie

This beanie is for me!

Pink Beanie

I’m generally not a pink person but I wanted a pink beanie for a special reason. For the last couple of years I’ve volunteered at the Mothers Day Classic. It’s an annual fun run/walk to raise money for breast cancer. Volunteers are encouraged to wear pink. Last year I wore pink pants and a scarf that was pinkish but I wanted more for this years event. A beanie is perfect because it is really cold in the mornings of the event. I had pink cotton yarn in my stash so using my favourite beanie pattern I knitted up my beanie. Teaming it up with a pink jumper I brought, my pink pants, and scarf (which I’m considering on upgrading) I’ll be very pink this year.