Craft Blogging – My Tips

I’m not an expert on blogging. I decided after Urban Stitches last year I wanted to start a blog and a couple of weeks later I wrote my first post. I had no idea what I was doing when I started and to be honest 18 months or so later I’m still making it up as I go. I have learnt a few things a long the way and thought I would share them as it may just inspire someone else to start thier blog.

Embroidered Buttons

Blog About Your Passion
I’m a craft nut so that’s what I focus on. When your passionate about something it is so easy to write about it as you just want to talk about it to everyone you meet. I’m not restricted to only one form of craft. I will bore any non crafter with a range of craft topics. If you have one craft you love go for that. If your passion is gardening write about that. The best blogs are those where you can read how passionate someone is about something through the way they type about it.

Note Book

Keep A Notebook
Grab a notebook and use it to write down ideas or notes as you go along. You might want to write entire drafts of blog posts in it so when you sit at the computer all you have to do is type or you might just want to write down key points in it so when it comes to writing your post you’ve got points to jog your memory of how you did something or if things happened whilst you were doing it. It’s amazing how many of all the small details you forget. In my notebook I write draft posts. I have days where I will write the draft and other days I just do the key points. A notebook is really good if you have some many ideas in your head and you don’t want to forget about any of them. I often have my notebook by the bed to jot down thoughts before I sleep but you might find while your cooking your mind is thinking of a blog post so keep it where you will most use it. If you don’t have your notebook any piece of paper will do (just don’t lose it) or use the memo section on your phone to type brief notes. The notebook comes in really handy to stop writers block when you sit at the computer and think now what to write….


Take Plenty Of Photos
I mostly just use a small camera (that lives in a sock – must make a cover for it) I always take this with me when I go to craft shows or do classes just to take photos as I go. I have taken a couple of photos on my phone in the past but I prefer my little camera. I take at least 2 or more shots/photos of each thing. I decide which one I’ll use when I sit at the computer and see my selection. The great thing about digital cameras is that you can always delete those you don’t want later. If you’re wanting to document progress through a project take photos as you go. Its easier to see what you’re talking about with an actual photo of it than just the finished project. Once you have finished a project take photos of it straight away so that’s a task done.

Broken Needle

Keep It Real
I believe that you should blog about the good and the bad. Life isn’t perfect so don’t just share the perfect moments. We all make mistakes, sewing machines eat fabric, some craft projects just don’t work. Blog about it all. Your not putting yourself down your just showing the completely normal ups and downs crafters and everyone else faces. Take photos and document it down. Others may be able to relate to it and its a way of connecting with your reader. The way you overcame the issue might help someone if they have that same issue.

Homespun Diary

Make Time To Blog
Get your diary out and set aside time to blog. I blog every Tuesday and extra days if I can fit it in or if I’m inspired too. Writing a blog post won’t take you long if you have already taken photos and have notes to refer too. A little organisation and planning really helps. I set time in my week to write my weekly Tuesday post and schedule it to publish on the Tuesday morning. Sorry to spoil the magic but I’m at work when it’s published. I need to work to pay for my craft habit πŸ˜‰

Craft NSW 2

Be Open To Inspiration
Always be on the lookout for inspiration. Keep an open mind and you never know where ideas for a blog post may come from. You might read something and suddenly think of a blog post. You might see something. Someone might say something and suddenly your brain is ticking with ideas. You might be doing an activity that triggers an idea. Write it down in your notebook or head straight to the computer and let those creative juices flow.

Quilted Hopscotch

Be Yourself
Do you things your own way and write a blog that you would like to read. Don’t copy anyone else just be yourself. Write the blog for you and if anyone else reads it than bonus. Use language and words that you use in real life. Proofread all your posts for spelling mistakes (I’m hopeless at spelling) but use terms that you’d normally use. I’m a craft nut there is no hiding that. I write my blog my way. If I’m super excited over a topic than I write about it. For years I’ve always thought each person has a story to tell and my blog is my story. I hope one day my nieces look back and read my blog thinking that’s cool Aunty C and all the funky stuff she made us. Blogs are like electronic Autobiographies so be yourself.

Pimped Tote

Connect With Others
Follow other bloggers who have similar interest to you. On Facebook and Instagram there are blogger groups who share tips and inspiration with each other. Connect with like-minded people and ask questions. Comment on other people’s blogs. The blogging community is fantastic.

T- Bella

If you have never blogged before and are thinking about it I urge you to give it a go. Blogging isn’t that hard. It’s a lot of fun. A little organisation helps along the way. I hope you can take something from these things I have learnt.


11 thoughts on “Craft Blogging – My Tips

  1. Great post! So many of your tips ring true to how I approach blogging. Loved reading it, thanks for sharing!

  2. Love reading about your efforts, have been inspird to make totes and love the soft toys just dont have anyone to make them for.

    • Vicki, thank you. There are lots of lovely charities that would love soft toys if you wanted to make them or maybe you could donate items to the volunteers shops at your local hospital for them to sell and raise money

  3. This is Gem from SS. Great post, really love your blog. I love sewing but tend more to read about it than actually do!

    • Hi. Glad you like the blog πŸ™‚ I totally understand what you mean about reading more than sewing. I’m known to spend more time on reading Pinterest than crafting some days.

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