Quilted Hopscotch

Quilted Hopscotch
This Christmas I made another Hopscotch mat. It was mostly the same as I made last year using the calico I dyed myself with polar fleece in the centre instead of batting. This year I did do things a little different. I didn’t include a strap to tie it up with. I think this mat will spend a lot of time out and not folded up. The advantage is that it can also be used as a small blanket if needed. The other thing I did different is that this time after I finished sewing it all together I echo quilted around the hopscotch squares. Its my first proper time quilting so I can call this a hopscotch quilt.


I did have a couple of tiny incident with this. After I made it I noticed a mark on it which I tried to wipe off with a baby wipe but unfortunately it developed a yellow stain around the area when it dried. To combat this I then washed it. When it was drying I walked past it and noticed I’d left a pin in it….. on the inside! I managed to work the pin down to one corner where I had to cut away some of the applique stitching to get to the backing and fabric and cut a small hole to retrieve the pin. I then hand stitched the appliqued square closed again. This is the first time I’ve ever left a pin in something. I’m not even sure how the pin got in that section. I’m just relieved that I found it before the kids jumped on it causing themselves an injury.

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