Kids Stilts

This was another Pinterest idea I saw which I liked.


When I was a kid I loved playing with the stilts they had at school. Some were plastic others were tin cans. I made these from plastic food tubs I recycled. I gave the tubs a good soak and luckily the labels came off easily. I drilled a hole in each side then using 50cm of cording (per stilt) I poked each end through the each hole and tied a knot. For extra security I coated each knot with E6000 glue. I left them for a good week to full dry and for the smell to go away (E6000 is great glue but it does smell) Once all dry I screwed the tub lids on. If the stilts are a bit light for his weight there is always the option of filling them with sand or water to be more sturdy. I hope the little person I made this for likes his Christmas present.

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