Bouncy Balls – Failed It!

This was an idea I was going to make as a Christmas gift that just didn’t work out.

Bouncy Balls

On Pinterest there are various website showing instructions on how to make bouncy balls all with the same recipe. I followed the instructions but without success. My only thought is that I used cornflour and the recipe calls for corn starch. All the recipes are American and I was under the impression corn starch and corn flour were the same. I’ve made my own starch before using cornflour in place of corn starch. I’ll do further research and try again next year. The ones I made didn’t come together enough to make them bouncy. When you threw them against the ground they did bounce but not very much. They also became very flat and crumbled once they dried.

So I would love to say Nailed It! but unfortunately its a case of Failed It!

2 thoughts on “Bouncy Balls – Failed It!

  1. Oh, bummer! Those would have been such a cool project. Cornflour and cornstarch are supposed to be the same thing same but recently I learned that some Australian cornflour is made from wheat rather than corn. Maybe that has something to do with it.

    • Thanks Allison that may of had something to do with it. From memory I do remember the word Wheaten (or something similar) written on the box so that may be the reason.

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