Colouring-In Book Tote

I’m really into Totes this Christmas and this was the first one that started me off.

Colouring Book Tote

I made this tote after doing a present count and discovering one child was getting less gifts than a younger sibling (a big thing when your 5) I thought a nice quick and simple but practical item to make would be a tote to hold a colouring book and crayon pack. This project took no time to make. The pink fabric was left over from another Christmas gift I was making. The dragon and princess fabric I found in my stash which ties in perfect as I found a princess colouring-in book in my spare room. It was a good project to use this fabric on as its not a print I would normally use. I did all the seams for this on the overlocker to cut out some of the work as the overlocker stitched it and finished the seams off in one hit. This project took no time at all to make.

I like the simplicity of this tote bag and I’m sure I will make it again in different fabric. I think I have a tote addiction but they are so practical how can you not love them.


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