I love this softie pattern. Polly is my go to dolly. She is from The Big Book of Softies This one would be the 4th if not 5th one I’ve made over the years.

Polly Dolly

I’ve never made her the exact same as the book ever (she has ears in the book) When I was looking for fabric for this Polly instead of searching my stash for new fabric and prep it, I looked through the fabric I was about to put away back into my stash from making the skirts and meerkat. The fabric had already been prepped so it was one job done. Where possible I used smaller offcuts of the fabric so I didn’t have to cut into any larger pieces.

This is the first Polly I have ever made with yarn hair after learning how to make it this year. Also I’ve satin stitched the eyes. Even though this is an old favourite pattern I’ve continued to challenge myself to make it.

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