Pimp My Tote

I decided to join a few people in an Instagram / Facebook craft-a-long this week and Pimp A Tote Bag. Debra from Stitching Rules kindly provided us with a basic tote pattern and a few ideas and told us to go forth and pimp our totes in our own creative ways.

Pimped Tote

I stuck with the basic bag pattern however as I’m used to working in inches I simply cut all my pieces to the nearest half inch. The fabric is off cuts from previous sewing projects. To pimp mine different I decided to do free motion embroidery on the bag pieces. It was a good project for me to attempt free motion embroidery for the first time as all the pieces were simple rectangles. I used a metallic embroidery thread to do the free motion. The handles I stitched in regular polycotton using a simple serpentine stitch on them. This gave them a little more strength which was a way of reinforcing them. Originally I was going to use a yellow thread for the free motion as there is a gold print in the fabric but I’m glad I decided to do purple. I keep running my fingers over the stitching as I love the texture of it.

This will be given as a gift this Christmas so not only did I get to take part in a craft-a-long but I also got a bonus gift made.


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