First Attempt Free Motion Embroidery

Last weekend I gave free motion embroidery a try for the first time.

Free Motion

This was the first time I have ever stitched without feed dogs so it was a new experience. At first it felt very strange and I kept thinking that I wasn’t sewing as I could move the fabric freely but after a few minutes I got the hang of it. Due to the fabric print I couldn’t draw lines to follow so instead I just went with the flow doing squiggles and random swirls. There are a few wave shapes in there and towards the end I even managed a couple of stars and hearts (I adore hearts)

I really enjoyed doing free motion I know that I will do it again as it was really fun and it transformed the look of the fabric. Next time I will use a different bobbin thread. This time I used the same thread I use when doing machine embroidery which is a finer thread. When I pulled out the stabilizer from this some of the bobbin threads pulled so I think for this I need a thicker thread.


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