Letting Go Of A Project

Your always learning whilst crafting and last week I learnt that sometimes you need to realise a project just isn’t going to happen and you need to let it go.

I was trying to make jewellery boxes. I made this earlier in the year and it worked well. I needed to make 3 this time and on the first one I was coming up hurdle after hurdle. I had thread breaking, needles breaking, ran out of cotton on the reel, cut the lid too short during the final stages, couldn’t hand stitch the sides together easily, discovered the sides were different sizes.

Scrapped Project

I’m not sure why I was having some many troubles but in the end decided to save my time and sanity I had to realise that I was never going to get 1 box made let alone 3. I don’t usually throw my hands in the air and give up but I think it comes to a point when you have to face reality that the idea you had is not working and you need to find a plan b instead of just wasting your time and energy on a project. I still like the concept of Rug Canvas Fabric boxes and I will try them again next year but the lot I attempted this time are not going to turn into anything. To discard the project I’ll put the pieces in the bag of scraps I’m gathering for kids. I’m sure the kids will find some use for them in their play.

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