Cozy Blanket CAL March 2015

I’m a little excited in 2015 I’m going to do my first Crochet-A-Long (CAL)

Cozy Kit

Currently Lucy from Attic24 is running a CAL for her Cozy Blanket, however in Australia it is a bit warm at this time of year to make a blanket so the lovely Sharon from Lilabelle Lane is organising an Autumn CAL next March when it gets a bit cooler for us. As soon as I saw a picture of this blanket I knew I wanted to be involved. I’ve been a fan of Lucy’s for some time and it was from her blog that I learnt how to do Granny Stripe blankets. For this project it wasn’t compulsory to get the yarn pack that Lucy uses but I decided too. The pack cost less than A$50 and it arrived from the UK in a week. I couldn’t believe the delivery time that was great. I’ve never purchased wool from overseas so it was another first for me. The wool feels so soft and the colours are great. I’ve printed the pattern and I’m ready to go. The pattern is so simple and only uses 1 stitch (Treble Crochet) which happens to be one of the two crochet stitches I can actually do.


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