Tracing Patterns

Tracing Paper With Pattern
I’ve always traced out patterns on a roll of paper I had in my stash that I found amongst my mum’s craft items. I had no idea what the product was but I knew it was easy to trace on and cut out. On a trip to Spotlight I discovered it was a form of tracing paper and doing a little research online I think it is similar to Swedish Tracing Paper. It is almost cloth like with a paper weave texture. I’ve always treated it as paper and only use my paper scissors to cut it.

Tracing Paper

On the weekend I ran out of my roll of never ending tracing paper and had to use traditional tracing paper. It was a good lesson in seeing the differences between regular tracing paper and the stuff that I had been using. For myself I discovered that traditional tracing paper isn’t for me. It is too flimsy for me. I’m a bit heavy handed at times and not used to items so delicate and that easily tear. I also found that I couldn’t see through it as easily as I do with the paper I was used to. After I removed the pins from the paper I noticed I’d torn pieces of it and that I couldn’t fold it neatly. Also it was a bit noisy for me.

Tracing Paper Like

The paper I’m used to using I can pin over and over without it tearing or leaving pin marks. It makes no noise and I can easily fold it neatly without it crinkling or getting ruined. I can see through it and mark any lines in easier. It more sturdy. When I trace out a pattern I fold it and keep it in a plastic sleeve in my sewing folder. They sit flat. I don’t think I will be able to get the traditional tracing paper to sit so flat in the folder.


I know that I can purchase the tracing paper I like at Spotlight and may see if I can buy a roll of it as I use it on all my items. I do have freezer paper and wish to try it on some toys but for clothing I will be using the paper that I like. It was a good experience to use traditional tracing paper. For some people it may be great to use but not for myself. Each person is different and that’s why there are no many products on the market to cater for each person.




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