Multiple Machines

I have 3 sewing machines and an overlocker. That might seem a lot but I do use them.

Sewing Machine Small

I don’t mean to collect sewing machines but in the last 4 years I’ve just acquired them. I started with my first ever sewing machine which was light weight and easy to move around. Mum taught me to sew on this one and it meant if I damaged it I was breaking my machine and not hers. When I got my 2nd machine this one just sat around for a few years as a spare and I was going to give it away once I got my 3rd machine but then I started going to Sewing Guild and its the perfect size to fit in my sewing tote and take with me.

Sewing Machine Medium

I got my 2nd machine as it was the same model my mum had but wasn’t available at the time I purchased my first one. This machine is a little bigger and has a cute ♥ stitch that to be perfectly honest I’ve never used but I do like looking at it. Again I was going to give this one away when I got my 3rd one but it is really handy to do WIRES pouches on as you can remove the sewing bed and use the free arm easier. It is still relatively easy to move on and off and table so I won’t hurt myself moving it onto my sewing table.

Sewing Machine Large

My 3rd machine is my largest and the one that still scares me. It does machine embroidery but I’m yet to try that element of it. I have the notions to do it now but I have to build up the courage to give it ago. So far I’ve only used this machine to do regular stitching and I did make a samplier tote using some its stitches. I’m confident using it to do regular sewing but as mentioned I’m still yet to try the advanced stuff on it. This one is large and heavy and doesn’t get moved about at all.

Serger Tension Settings

My overlocker is a machine I’m finding very useful. Before I’d gotten this one I’d only tried mum’s overlocker once. When I first used this one it did scare me but now I’m confident using it.


I like using the different machines as each has their own features and when you sit down at them you have to stop and think for a second which buttons does this one have and how do I do something. I surprised myself when I went to the sew-a-thon and used an overlocker that wasn’t my own how easily I worked it out. Ok so I know an overlocker isn’t that hard to operate but normally when I’m faced with anything (machine or otherwise) that I’m not familiar with I freak out a little. Using so many different machines you learn that they are all very similar. I use them I love them I’m keeping them all



4 thoughts on “Multiple Machines

    • Maybe you can save up and next time there is a sale on perhaps upgrade to a larger machine. But if it is doing everything that you need it too do a small machine is great
      I’ve only ever purchased my machines when they are on sale. I find the lead up to mother’s day they often become on sale or maybe even Christmas.

    • Polo, you should have another go at using one. I’ve seen some really basic machines which can do great things. Start small and who knows where you will end up

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