Before I started making this I never knew I wanted a meerkat now I do….



I found out a young little miss likes meerkats so I googled meerkat patterns and found this softie pattern from Dolls and Daydreams. It was perfect. The instructions were very clear but I’m not sure if I followed them to the T. I used slightly different fabrics to what the patterns said as I never had felt. Because of this I had to change the way I did my applique. I used the method of stitching the 2 pieces right sides together then making an incision on the back and turning them the right way out before appliquing them into place. For me this is easier than learning needle turn applique (which is on my list to learn) This method also gives the pieces a 3D feel. I did this on all the tail, eyes and nose. For the muzzle area I only had to sew the 2 pieces right sides together than turn them right way out before appliquéing them on to the face area. Part of the muzzle fell within the side seams so I didn’t bother appliquéing that area as the machine caught it in the stitching.

Meerkat Back

I’m sure you will see this meerkat again. I kept him perched on my sewing cabinet and every time I looked at him I envisaged him in different colours.


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