My Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion 1

This little guy started out life as a Softie I was making at last years Urban Stitches. I never got a round to completing him so he has lived in my craft cupboard ever since.

Pin Cushion 2

For some time I’ve been thinking he would make a good pin cushion so last weekend I finally took him out and tried him in his new career. He is a great little pin cushion.

Pin Cushion 3

Recently I’ve been placing my pins in a plastic container particularly when I have been going to sewing guild. This little guy fits perfectly in the container. I can take him out and place him on the table next to my machine and when its time to pack up put him in the container and know all my pins are secure. From memory he has a body floating around somewhere too I must find that as another pin cushion next to my sewing machine at home as you can never have too many.

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