Craft NSW Gallery

If you have ever been to Circular Quay or the Rocks Sydney on the weekend you would’ve heard of the Rocks Markets. A large portion of the Rocks area is closed off to traffic and markets stalls sell a range of items from food to knick knacks to touristy item. It is a great market but can be a little touristy which is nothing wrong with that as tourists are their target audience. This past weekend I went to the Rocks area and just down from the markets found a little gem of a shop that is in the old Coroner’s Court building.
Craft NSW 2
Craft NSW Gallery is fantastic shop located at 104 George St The Rocks where craftmakers can sell their items in a professional space. The shop is open seven days 9.30 – 5.30 Members of the public can come in to the large building and view all the lovely items and purchase what ever they wish. I walked in and my eyes didn’t know where to look first. There was items made out of wood, glass, leather, ceramic. There was clothing, jewellery, home wares. Items knitted, items felting, item fired in a kiln. You could see the care and passion done to create each item.  It was wonderful to see so many unique items. The items they have for sale aren’t aimed at the tourist market so they feel more personal and unique not mass produced. However if I was a tourist I’d prefer to buy something from there than something more commercially made. I urge anyone to visit the gallery next time they are in the Rocks area as it such a special little place that needs to be kept going. We need to support individual craft makers who spend some much time and effort to produce these fantastic items. Each time I’m in the rocks I shall be paying a visit as you just don’t know what you will find.
Craft NSW 1


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