Homespun Diary

Confession I’m a bit of hints and tips junkie, I have been for years. After reading two words “Tips” and “Tricks” I had to get this before I even realised it was a diary, I thought it was going to be just a special edition issue of Homespun Magazine  when I first saw a picture of it.

Homespun Diary

It is full of wonderful sewing and crafting tips from all of my favourite crafting designers. I honestly didn’t realise I had so many favourite craft designers until I was reading through thinking I like her work, her stuff, she has nice things. Rosalie Quinlan, Sarah Fielke, Jodie Carelton, Val Laird, Melaine McNeice have all contributed little gems of wisdom to the diary. The layout of diary is really good and it includes size reference tables for making items such as quilts and size charts for knitting / crochet needles. I was lucky enough to get this as a free bonus when I extended my magazine subscription with Homespun. It is the prettiest diary I’ve ever seen.


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