Sew-a-thon 2014

This past weekend a 3 day sew-a-thon was held for ASG members (Australian Sewing Guild) in the local region. This was my first sew-a-thon and I loved it.

It was held in a local hall that was transformed into a mini sewing studio. Each person had their own workstation they could set could set their sewing machine up in. There was an ironing board set up, cutting tables and communal overlockers. It was a fantastic set up. Then there was the food. We never went hungry over the 3 days with a hot lunch each day and lots of yummy baked goodies for morning and afternoon teas.

There were lucky door prizes and I was lucky enough to win the first one which was a set of tea towels. You can never have enough tea towels so these will come in very handy.

Lucky Door Prize


Before I went I over estimated how much I would get completed (I wasn’t the only one who thought they’d get more done) so I had lots of projects cut out and prepped however by the end of the weekend I only made 4 kids skirts and half a softie but I’m happy with that effort. I’ve never made skirts before so they took longer than planned.
Sewathon Completed Project

Each day when we arrived we found a little wrapped present waiting at our workstations. They were lovely handmade gifts of an appliqued tea towel, an embroidered hankie and an embroidered bookmark. These are lovely little mementoes of the weekend.

Sewathon Pressies

It was good to meet ASG members outside my normal local group. We all share the common love of sewing so it was lovely to meet new friends. It was interesting in seeing the different projects the others were making, there really was a variety of items being created including toys, clothing, bags, aprons, quilts, home furnishings. Our completed projects were hung on the brag wall.


Members Completed Projects


What I find most rewarding from weekends like this are the little tips and pointers you pick up from everyone. I like soak up as much as I can. If you can take away knowledge from a weekend like this, that is more important than how many projects you got completed.


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