Testing Frixion Pens

At Urban Stitches I was asking everyone what kind of marking pen they used. A few people mentioned Frixion Pens which I’d never heard of before, but then the following week I was suddenly seeing adverts for them in the craft mags. Last weekend I was at the shops and picked up a couple to try.

Frixion Pens

I used some scrap calico and marked out simple lines with each colour

Frixion Pen Test

I then erased the ink by rubbing the fabric with the little ball on the end of the pens. The ink removed fairly easily but you did have to hold the fabric very taught so you could really cause the heat motion to remove it. It didn’t appear to damage the fabric at all.

Frixion Pen Simple Rub Away

For the next experiment I wrote out a word in each colour then embroidered over it with backstitch. This was very basic embroidery with cheapish thread. I left gaps in the embroidery to remove the ink.

Frixion Pen Test Embroidery

I found on larger sections the ink was very easy to remove however it was slightly difficult to get in very close to the stitching line where I deliberately missed stitched it. Again the fabric needed to be taught to get the friction motion. I don’t think you could really do this on small pieces.

Frixion Pen Black Rub Away

Frixion Pen Blue Rub Away
Lastly I decided to wash and iron the fabric to see if the ink would fully disappear. Any remaining ink seemed to wash away and the fabric seemed fine.

Frixion Pen Ironed

So after my experiment I think I will use these in future in my craft. I was limited to my colour choices at the shop last weekend. I’m seeing on their website they do have a brown colour which would be very useful in marking out embroidery lines. If I was to use them on an actual item I was making then my markings would be more straighter and my stitching neater so it would look better than in just a test piece.


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